Prove it: how you can know and show that the Bible is God’s word

Paperback, 270 pages, Published by Decapolis Press (an Imprint of Precious Seed), 19 Alfreton Road, Pinxton, NG16 6JZ, UK. [Available in the Precious Seed shop:] ISBN: 978-1-871642-87-2.

This book by Paul McCauley, a commended UK evangelist, is largely based on his experience of personal evangelism. Using the very apt acronym PROVE, he explains how we can be sure that the Bible is the inspired word of God, literally true, unique, and valuable for every spiritual purpose. His aim is to confirm the faith of believers in the Bible, and to challenge unbelievers to consider the claims of the God of the Bible on their lives.

His book, which is very readable and interesting, is divided into five sections. The first section, ‘Prophecy’, gives many examples of predictions made in the Bible about the nations, Israel, and Christ Himself which have already been fulfilled literally and accurately. This inspires implicit faith in the divine inspiration of the scriptures. The second section, ‘Reality’, explains that, ‘as we look at the teaching of the Bible, we see it matches and accounts for the way the world really is’ much better than any other world-view. The third section, ‘Oneness’, explains the unity and harmony of the books of the Bible, despite their diverse authors and dates. This fact helped the author during a dark period of doubt. The fourth section, ‘Verification’, explains scientific and archaeological evidence that confirms the truth and accuracy of the Bible, and states Christ’s own confirmation of the Old Testament. The final section, ‘Experience’, explains how many people have experienced personally God’s life-transforming power in His word, His perfection seen there, and His presence as they have read it, which is ‘better felt than tellt’. He concludes that the Bible is altogether trustworthy. I heartily recommend this book to all readers.

[Our thanks to Malcolm Davis, Leeds, UK, for this review]


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