Opening up Proverbs – Jim Newheiser

Paperback, 182 pages, Published by Day One Publications, Leominster, HR6 8NZ, UK. ISBN 978-1-84625-110-8.

The ‘Opening up’ series covers many of the books of scripture, written by a number of respected, mainly American, authors. The book of Proverbs does not lend itself easily to analysis, nor to a verse-by-verse approach. The wise man sets out his instruction rather more by subjects which are taken up at various points to emphasize the instruction given. This book, though brief, takes the reader through the major topics, dealing with the first nine chapters of Proverbs in a consecutive manner. Then, by linking verses and sections together, the author deals with issues such as morality, finance, work and family life. At the end of each chapter, subjects and references are given for suggested further study and a number of practical matters for the reader to consider or discuss with others.

The present reviewer found this an engaging book to read right through, rather than to be treated as an exposition to dip into for help on a certain verse. The author is well versed in his understanding of twenty-first century society which makes this book of particular interest and relevance to young believers; remembering that the early chapters are addressed to one whom the writer calls ‘my son’.

The writer emphasizes that Proverbs is a book of practical precepts, not a book of promises. Although, having said that, the wise instruction given, if followed, will issue in blessing and well-being for the one being instructed. The book of Proverbs finds its counterpart in the New Testament epistle by James, who draws on the same principles to record his inspired writing.

This is a book well worth recommending and which provides a sound introduction to one of the more neglected books of scripture.



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