Ritchie New Testament Commen­taries, Volume 3

(hard cover). What the Bible Teaches. 1. Thessalonians, by T. E. Wilson; 2. Thessalonians, by T. W. Smith; 1. Timothy, by J. Allen; 2 Timothy, by J. R. Baker, and Titus, by D. West. Published by J. Ritchie, Kilmarnock. Available from bookshops, £9.50, or from the publishers (p & p £1.50).

The nine volumes in this series are being published at the rate of one per year; volume 3 is now available. This is a courageous publishing venture, because the publishers, editors and authors believe that a deep and sound understanding of the N.T. is essential for growth in the Christian life of worship and service.

Volume 3, dealing with five of Paul’s Epistles, has the same style and format as the previous two volumes. Each of the authors commences with suitable introductory paragraphs, containing outlines and bibliographies. After that, a verse-by-verse approach is adopted, some verses being developed in considerable detail. Here is a wealth of material that will suit every reader’s taste. Only the student of minute doctrinal detail will want to read through the whole book, since copious references are made to the Greek text. But other readers will be able to bypass this, and they will find abundance in the treatment of the inspired text that deals with assembly matters, service, prophetical subjects (the rapture, and the Lord’s coming in glory and judgement), and practical Christian living.

The layout of the text, and the binding are both attractive, and the price is very reasonable when compared with that asked for other large books in secular and academic bookshops.


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