Revelation, the Coming King

120 pages, $3.95. Published by Everyday Publications Inc., 421, Nugget Avenue, Unit 2, Scarborough, Ontario, Canada, or from Roy Wood, 8 Beaconsfield Road, Beacon Park, Plymouth, U.K.

It is good to know that there is still a great interest in the subject of prophecy, and although the period covered by the Book of Revelation is after the rapture of the church, nevertheless the lessons of the Book should not be overlooked today by believers who are exhorted to “Come out of her”, Rev. 18. 4. The present text under review will be of great help to those who approach the Book of Revelation perhaps for the first time. The author has sought to interpret the symbols occurring in the Book, and the amount of information provided is very extensive. After reading this exposition in verse-by-verse style, readers will feel that they really know something about Revelation, and will be stimulated to read further about these important subjects. We warmly commend the book, particularly to younger believers.


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