Take Care in the Bath

192pp, £7.95, Published by Evangelical Press, Grange Close, Faverdale North Industrial Estate, Darlington, DL3 0PH. ISBN 08523-4171.

We have in the past reviewed others of Jim Cromarty’s books and are pleased to do so again with this latest offering. It is one of a series aimed at encouraging sessions of Bible teaching for the family, an entirely praiseworthy objective, and one which we heartily support. To take time to gather the family together for such a holy occupation is part of the duty of parenthood and, if followed, something that must result eventually in a harvest of spiritual blessing. The 52 ‘chapters’ that make up the book are headed by cryptic titles (in the idiom of the book’s title!) and suggested readings from Scripture. The text of the chapters include stories from everyday life, references to many Bible stories and numerous Bible quotations, all with the intention of teaching Bible truths. After each chapter comes a list of issues ‘to think about’, each likely to challenge the individual reader, or to promote discussion where the stories are read to others. The book is illustrated with arresting, often amusing, illustrations in black and white, and is written in a style simple enough to make it comprehensible to readers of all ages.