The Believer’s Library

By David J. Newell. 64pp, published by John Ritchie Ltd., 40 Beansburn, Kilmarnock, Scotland, KA3 1RH. £3.50. ISSN 1 904064 04 3.

In similar vein to the first publication reviewed comes this excellent compilation of a series of articles that first appeared in Believer’s Magazine. In his own inimitable way, the author writes of those books that have been of great help to him in his purposeful study of Scripture. In making his selection David Newell casts his net rather more widely than the author of the list quoted in our first review, but with every justification as his comments make clear. Selection of books for our library is ever a personal choice, but help and guidance from others well acquainted with what is available is invaluable; it enables us to spend our money wisely, and use limited resources to the best advantage.

The twelve chapters, with appendix, that make up this booklet represent the considered, constructive, comments of one who knows the true value of the many books that he has selected. By reason of long, profitable, acquaintance he has come to regard them as trusted companions that share with him the wisdom they contain, a wisdom first imparted by God to men of God and now made available to us in this way.


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