The Early Church

Rediscovering truth for the churches, Donald L. Norbie, 126pp. Published by Christian Missions Press, P.O. Box 2222, Oklahoma City, OK 73101, U.S.A.

The vast changes that have taken place in our own society in recent times are advanced by some Christians as sufficient grounds for making wholesale changes in church practices. By common consent, the way in which the early Christians conducted themselves, individually and collectively, is accepted as the high water-mark of Christian testimony. We have record of their complete devotion to the things of God, and their absolute dedication to His work, so that the flame of the gospel that swept across Mediterranean lands, with the establishment of numerous local churches that followed, seemed to be an inevitable sequel. Paramount in all the activities of these companies of believers was an attachment to the clear teachings of the apostles – their ‘doctrine’. Today questions are being asked as to the credibility of such an approach to service by local churches; is not the decline that we see a direct result of an unwillingness to change? Donald Norbie takes the positive view that everything we do in church activities should be justified by the clear teaching of Scripture; that this is a credible and viable way forward he endeavours to prove in the twenty-seven chapters of his book. He does so in succinct fashion, presenting his case with conviction. At the same time he takes on board many of the dissentient views that are openly expressed today, and deals with them by reference to God’s unalterable word. This is a helpful, thought-provoking book, of special benefit to those harbouring deep concerns as to the future for our local churches.


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