The Jericho Sanction

Hardback, 556pp. Published by Broadman & Holman Publishers, Nashville Tennessee. Available from John Ritchie Limited, Kilmarnock. Price £8.95, ISBN 0 8054 2551 9.

Whilst it is unusual for these pages to contain a review of a novel, The Jericho Sanction is a remarkable book. Written by Oliver North, it is a tale of espionage, arms sales, political crises and covert operations. The author’s experience in these realms is clear both from the flyleaf as well as from the story itself. He weaves together characters from the US Central Command, the Marine Corp, the British secret service, an Israeli elite assassination squad, the Russian secret service, as well as the Iraqi government under Saddam Hussain, switching from locations in Jerusalem, Damascus, Baghdad, and places in between, in a tale that maintains the suspense and keeps you turning the pages. Will the nuclear weapons be found and the hostages rescued?

However, what makes the book different from similar volumes that are found on the shelves of the local book store is the essential Christian element that pervades it and the absence of bad language and immoral material so characteristic of its genre. Whilst all might not agree with the conclusions of those about whom North writes, he does not avoid the moral dilemma of the soldier in the armed forces or similar occupations.

If you like a good story and have the time to read it, this book could be an interesting addition to your shelves.

Oliver North and Joe Musser


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