The King and His Kingdom – Matthew Simply Explained

or Matthew Simply Explained, by John Legg, 544 pages, paperback, published by Evangelical Press, Faverdale North Industrial Estate, Darlington, DL3 0PH.

This book is the latest in the Welwyn Commentary series and is a worthy addition. It is written by John Legg and is very readable while at the same time dealing adequately with the many portions of this Gospel which require detailed explanation. It is Christ centred and practical and deals with the King in relation to Old Testament prophecies already fulfilled and those yet to be fulfilled in the future.

The author makes clear that all the teaching is valueless apart from the Person and work of the Lord Jesus Christ Himself. There is no kingdom without salvation and no salvation apart from the cross. There is no kingdom without a living King and no living King apart from the resurrection.

The reader, as always, must make his own judgement on what Legg has to say about divorce and remarriage as outlined on pages 351-360. All in all an excellent commentary which should be of use to Bible students and to all interested in this wonderful Gospel.