The World, the Flesh and the Devil – Jack Hay

Paperback, 88 pages, Published by John Ritchie Ltd, 40 Beansburn, Kilmarnock, Scotland, KA3 1RH. ISBN: 978-1-912522-32-3.

The subjects under consideration in this brief, yet concise, study were addressed at a conference in South Wales in 2017. Now available in print to a wider audience, the importance of an acknowledgement and understanding of these topics cannot be overstated.

For those acquainted with the author and his ministry, it is easy to hear his voice throughout the book. The clear and precise approach to each subject; the explanation and scriptural use of the terms involved. The ability to draw on examples and illustrations from Old and New Testaments and the clear practical applications for the reader, all blend to provide vital lessons and challenges to believers of all ages and experience.

The believer’s adversaries as seen in the threefold title have often been presented in a very negative way, with emphasis placed on prohibitions and exclusions. This book, on the contrary, presents the subjects in a positive way. The reader is guided through the chapters logically and given a clear appreciation of the terms as used in scripture and as understood in the context of everyday life. The practical emphasis throughout is on awareness and vigilance.

We are left in no doubt that behind the allurement of the world and the temptation of the flesh is our inveterate enemy the devil. Provision has been made for the believer who is exhorted to ‘put on the whole armour of God’ in order to engage in the battle. This book is a timely reminder to all who would tread the pathway of faith that although we are not ignorant of the devices of our adversary, we are so often unprepared to face the inevitable assaults.


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