His Coming – A Guide to Future Events – Various Authors

Paperback, 140 pages. Published by John Ritchie Ltd. 40 Beansburn, Kilmarnock, Scotland. ISBN: 978-1-910513-42-2.

Books dealing with future events are not in short supply and cover every shade of opinion that has been put forward since the scriptures were completed. This publication, however, brings together nine subjects written by authors who are currently engaged in oral and written ministry throughout the British Isles. Their approach to subjects ranging from the literal interpretation of scripture, the future of the nation of Israel and Daniel’s seventy weeks, on through the prophetic programme to millennial days is from one united standpoint. All write from a convinced and convincing dispensational angle, clearly showing, from scripture, the weakness and the limitations of Covenant Theology expressed in Reformed teaching. The brief description of the book on the back cover, suggests that it would be suitable for ‘new Christians’ among others. That may well be so for some of the subjects considered, but in other cases a fairly mature grasp of scripture is needed to follow the lines of reasoning. A number of passages need to be read and re-read to really take on board the teaching. Most of the subjects are dealt with in ten to fifteen pages and provide an adequate framework for further study. The final chapter, however, entitled ‘Is Amillennialism Biblical’, extends to twenty-seven pages and presents a far more detailed survey which would present quite a challenge to many of those ‘young in the faith’. The primary value of the book is as a positive antidote to the Reformed or Replacement theology which is gaining ground in many evangelical circles.

The forthright stance of all the writers in support of the scripture teaching regarding the future restoration and blessing for Israel as a nation is unequivocal. This is particularly refreshing at a time when, in the political sphere, Israel is considered a pariah nation by many; yet to the careful student of scripture their future glory is assured. The list of books suggested for further reading is brief but helpful, and as one who is personally acquainted with most of the contributors to this book, I have no hesitation in recommending its purchase.


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