Titanic. The Ship of Dreams – Robert Plant

Paperback, 176pp. Published by Christian Focus Publications, Geanies House, Fearn, Tain, Rossshire, IV20 1TW, Scotland. Price: £5.99. ISBN 978-1845506-41-4.

As 2012 is the 100th anniversary of the Titanic tragedy, this book, which is a story of aspects of that fateful maiden voyage, is of interest. Based upon historical research, it weaves an account which is a mixture of fact and fiction that charts the last few days and the testimony of a passenger who died, John Harper. The book commences with Harper and his daughter, Nana, making their way by train to Southampton dock as John seeks to make a trip to America to preach at the Moody Church in Chicago. There are cameos of the different people they meet both in the train as well as boarding and sailing in the ship. One particularly noticeable feature of the book is the clear testimony to the gospel. It is evident in the child’s simple faith and in her father’s clear message to those he meets. In that sense it would be an excellent gift to any who are, as yet, not saved. However, it is also a gripping story! Switching from the child’s view to the adult’s view, it conveys the wonder and excitement of the child as well as the testimony of the father.

It is in the closing hours of the Titanic’s voyage that the book shines. In the care and concern of the father for his child we find a testimony to the love of God, and the peace that He brings. Without dwelling upon the gruesome the book conveys the horror of the Titanic’s sinking and the shock and bewilderment of those saved. Yet, in the midst of tragedy, God is at work in salvation. Although probably for those with a teenage reading age, this is, nevertheless, an excellent book that is highly recommended.


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