Travel with Jonathan Edwards – A God-centred life, an enduring legacy

Paperback, 128 pages, Published by Day One Publications, Rylands Road, Leominster, England, HR6 8NZ. ISBN 978-1846253-90-4.

To many readers of this magazine the name Jonathan Edwards may be largely unknown. Of American origin, Edward’s place in the annals of Reformed theology is unchallenged, and it is for this reason that many will find this book interesting. It is not a detailed biography but an attempt at enabling the traveller to visit and explore those areas in America upon which Edwards’ life, preaching, and writing had such a profound influence. The guide covers significant towns and cities such as Hartford, East Windsor, and Northampton, as well as details of Edwards’ time in New York and at Yale. Space is given to the first revival, 1734-35, which took place under Edwards’ preaching, and how news of that awakening spread to, and influenced, preachers in England.

Though many readers may not agree with the theology of Edwards, this is a fascinating historical account in a book that is beautifully illustrated. It also contains ample explanatory sections to enable those unfamiliar with the detail of Puritan thinking to gain some insight into the theology of the time. I am sure that those who have the opportunity of visiting the parts of America covered in this small volume may well slip the book into their pocket and set off to explore. Whilst the book will explain the sights, it will also give the reader a better insight into the man and his deep spirituality.


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