Truth for Today – Paul’s Letter to the Colossians – Edited by J. D. Rice

Paperback, 82 pages, Published by Scripture Truth Publications, 31-33 Glover Street, Crewe, CW1 3LD, UK. ISBN: 978-0-901860-58-3

As the Foreword suggests, this book might be best described as ‘suitable Bible Study material for young Christians’. It is a compilation of chapters taken from a series of talks given by different speakers on the Truth for Today radio programme broadcast on London’s Premier Christian Radio.

The book is divided up into seven chapters entitled: Introduction; Pre-eminence in all things; Christ in you the hope of glory; You are complete in Him; Christ our life; You serve the Lord Christ; and Pray, walk and talk. As most of the chapters have a different author, it is to be expected that the approaches to the subjects will vary. Some authors stick to the passage before them, going down the verses in a systematic way. Others bring a particular ‘template’ to their portion and apply that approach as they consider the verses before them. Similarly, certain topical references reveal its origins in a radio broadcast. All of this can be helpful in showing the richness and practicality of the epistle. I particularly enjoyed Gordon Kell’s chapter on the different spheres of service covered in chapters 3 and 4.

Although there were one or two weaknesses in the editing of the book and a number of poorly chosen comments and phrases, such as ‘abstract Deity’, page 33, the book provides a useful outline of some of the key issues in this portion of the word of God. Taking into consideration that it was primarily a series of radio talks, it has been well constructed and should whet the appetite of the reader to pursue a more detailed study of this important New Testament book.


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