New Treasury of Bible Doctrine: ‘Things most surely believed’

Paperback, 590 pages, Published by Precious Seed Publications, 34 Metcalfe Avenue, Killamarsh, Sheffield, S21 1HW, UK. ISBN: 978 1 871642 84 1. First published 1977. Revised and updated 2017.

This symposium of articles, mainly selected from the Precious Seed magazine, was originally issued as a companion volume to a similar symposium entitled Church Doctrine and Practice, first published in 1970. Both publications were warmly received at the time, and have been reprinted repeatedly. They have proved to be a very useful resource for the Lord’s people.

However, since 1977 many more helpful articles have been published in Precious Seed International and its associated publications. The Trust has therefore decided to issue this revised edition of the Treasury, which retains the value of the original, but adds important new topics. About thirty new articles have been added, some specially written for this edition, on subjects which were not adequately covered in the original publication. These include a series of articles on the attributes of God, previously published under the title Behold your God, and designed to counteract current attitudes in our increasingly man-centred contemporary world. Also included now are articles on the unity of the Spirit, Satan, angels, and the trial of faith.

The rising generation of Christians can benefit here from the ministry of many past and present Bible teachers. Amongst them are many well-known and respected brethren of former generations. This is part of their spiritual legacy to us. The doctrine which they teach is thoroughly sound and scriptural. Only in the section on prophecy are there any statements which some Christians today might justifiably question. The reviewer warmly recommends this edition to all readers, both young and old.

[Our thanks to Malcolm Davis, Leeds, England, for this review]


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