Types and Shadows in the Epistle to the Hebrews

This is a fresh commentary of more than 200 pages, published by Gospel Tract Publications, 48 York Street, Glasgow G2. Available from the author (see rear cover). Price £1 -50. Canadian and U.S.A. distributors: Everyday Publications, Toronto, Canada.

The Epistle to the Hebrews was written because “believers (that is, Jewish con-erts to the faith prior to the destruction of the temple at Jerusalem in A.D. 70) were returning to the ceremony of the law, in order to avoid the persecution (from their fellow-nationals) that separation from it (the effect of the cross of Christ for them) had caused”. They were thus in danger of forsaking Christ for the old schoolmaster, Gal. 3. 24; of going back from the body to a shadow, Col. 2. 17 ; and of letting go the administration of the Spirit for the ministration of death, 2 Cor. 3. 7-8. The sole corrective to this threatened apostasy of Jewish believers is, as brother Heading indicates in the subtitle to his book, to “exalt Christ”.

Like all of our brother’s books on the New Testament which have been published to date (Acts, 1 & 2 Corinthians and The Revelation), this keeps very close to Holy Scripture. It is, in fact, based on his notes made for a verse-by-verse exposition to a study group in Aberystwyth. Anyone with a desire to study Hebrews will benefit from having such a book alongside his Bible (preferably the Authorised Version, the version adopted by the author), and referring to it as each group of verses is consecutively dealt with. And if the prayerful study of Hebrews helps one to appreciate Christ more and more, then, surely, no privileges will be esteemed greater than worshipping where He ministers, and suffering where He suffered. DC.

(1) Divine Healing, by Dr. Arthur C. Hill. 32 pages; 40p + 1p postage or 95c + 10%. (2) The Problem of Lust, by Wm. MacDonald. 16 pages; 25p + 10p or 50c + 10%. (3) Could God Incarnate Sin? by D. B. Long. 32 pages; 40p + 17p or 95c+ 10%. (4) The God of Jonah, by Allan M. Ure. 46 pages; 55p -|- 7p or $1 • 25 + 10%. (5) Messengers of Judgment and Glory, The Minor Prophets, by A. E. Horton. 63 pages (large); 75p-f-12p or §1 -50-1-10%. From Everyday Publications, Toronto, Canada, or Roy Wood, 94 Alma Road, Plymouth, U.K.

The first three books form part of a series “Current Concerns".

Book (1), written by an experienced Christian physician, ex-amines the subject from the Scriptures, and present trends are properly assessed.

Book (2) presents unusual but wise counsel for those with this problem of pre-conversion sin still dominating the life.

Book (3) forms a complete Scriptural anti-dote to the terrible assertion made by some Christians that Christ could sin in His man- hood experience on earth. Unfortunately some believers are very hazy about the true Scriptural doctrine concerning the Person of Christ, so this very helpful booklet should set their minds at rest, enabling them to resist inroads being made by some today to promulgate this false dishonouring doctrine. The booklet examines this “demonic trap" and other false assertions helpfully and reverently from Scripture, showing the ultimate disaster such doctrine can bring.

Book (4) embraces both the books of Jonah and Nahum, simply related with background material and spiritual principles.

Book (5) stimulates interest in the Minor Prophets in these dark days. The vital messages of the twelve books are carefully explained – the book would form a suitable prize for the more mature young Bible Class scholar.J.H.


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