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The Church and the churches. By W. E. Vine, M.A. Pp. 144. 12s. 6d. John Ritchie Ltd., Kilmarnock.

We are glad to see that a third edition of this work is now available to the Lord’s people, written by an author whose other works have appeared so regularly in Precious Seed. Many of our older readers will have profited from earlier editions, but a new generation of believers should now take advantage of this exposition of church truth. The first eight chapters of the book develop in detail the calling, constitution and destiny of the Church, while the remaining twelve chapters deal helpfully with the character, fellowship and service of local churches. We trust that many will be instructed by this ministry and encouraged to follow in these truths.

Romans chapter eight. By Andrew Borland, m.a. Pp. 144. 12s. 6d. John Ritchie Ltd., Kilmarnock.

Christian blessings vary from Epistle to Epistle, and Romans chapter eight unfolds the climax of these blessings from the point of view of the great doctrine of justification by faith. In this book, every word and phrase of the chapter is examined in order and in detail by the well-known Editor of The Believer’s Magazine. The author has succeeded in providing a gracious harmony of meditation and exposition. Believers, realising that they no longer walk after the flesh but after the Spirit, should delight to follow up this truth, thereby seeking the mind of God regarding what He expects from and also what He provides for those now walking after the Spirit.

J. H.


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