Looking for the Glory – An Exposition of the Epistle to Titus – Adam D. Thropay

Paperback, 103 pages, Published by Scripture Teaching Library, Cookstown, Northern Ireland. ISBN 978-1-909789-22-7.

Adam D. Thropay has been involved in Bible teaching in assemblies in North America for many years, and readers of this and other magazines will probably have benefited from his written ministry already. His other writings include Local Church Essentials.

His aim in this book, as in some of his other writings, is to assist readers who are not so familiar with the original languages of the scriptures to understand the meaning of each English phrase in the King James Version. He seeks to fulfil this aim by citing the Greek or Hebrew words beside each phrase, and then explaining those words to give a fuller grasp of the passage being analyzed. His comments on individual words can be lengthy at times. They give not only an exposition of the doctrine of the verse in question, but also practical application for us today and references to other relevant scriptures. The result is an in-depth study of the book being so treated.

The author has used this method of exposition to good effect in this small volume on Paul’s Epistle to Titus, which is remarkable for the wealth of teaching that it packs into just forty-six verses. Titus emphasizes the practice of the truth of the gospel more forcibly than almost any other letter in the New Testament. It contains practical instruction for believers from every age group and social class, including local assembly elders. It also includes profound doctrinal statements concerning the glorious appearing of our Lord Jesus Christ, and links our present responsibilities to God’s eternal purposes for His own. The reviewer wonders if Thropay’s method of exposition would be as much appreciated for a much longer section of scripture, since minute details in the text could obscure the overall thought-flow of such a book. However, for a short book like Titus, it works very well.

This paperback is well-produced by the Scripture Teaching Library, with an attractive cover and typeface. It is a worthwhile purchase for any Bible student, whether younger or older.

Thanks to Malcolm Davis, Leeds, England for this review.


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