The Land and People of Israel, what does the future hold? – Drew Craig

Paperback, 63 pages, Published by Gospel Folio Press, 304 Killaly St. W. Port Colborne, ON L3K 6A6. ISBN 978-1897-1178-11.

To many in the secular and political world, the modern state of Israel is considered a pariah nation. It is seen as aggressive, territorially ambitious, insensitive to UN resolutions, and indifferent to critical opinion. In this little booklet, Drew Craig demonstrates from the scriptures that, in spite of man’s estimation, there is a divine plan and purpose for both the nation and the people of Israel.

The book is written to counteract the increasingly pervasive teaching that Israel no longer features in God’s plan, they have been rejected, and the church has now become the beneficiary of covenants and promises made long ago to Abraham and his descendents.

Beginning with the divine claim to the land and Jehovah’s acknowledgement of a people for Himself, the writer touches upon the covenants made to Abraham, and promised to Isaac and Jacob, with particular reference to the land and the seed. The importance of Genesis chapter 15 is rightly emphasized, where Jehovah alone passed through the divided pieces, binding Himself to keep the covenant made with Abraham. This chapter, apart from any others, should be sufficient to assure every student of scripture that the promises made to Israel cannot fail.

Attention is drawn in Part 2 to the importance and centrality of Jerusalem in the divine purpose, and prophetic scriptures are chosen in support of this. Parts 3 and 4 take the reader to a future day to consider the Lord’s return in glory and the establishment of the millennial reign of Christ. The writer’s clear acceptance of a literal interpretation of prophetic scripture is evident throughout, challenging the allegorical and spiritualized analysis preferred by many expositors today.

Although this handling of the subject matter is brief, important principles of truth are outlined which will provide a basis for deeper consideration of the interpretation and understanding of prophetic scripture.


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