Luke’s Life of Christ

£2 (including 48p postage). 288 pages. U.K. sales: from the author (address on rear cover). Canada and U.S.A.: Everyday Publications, Canada (sec rear cover), $6.50.

This book is more than just a life of Christ, dealing with recorded facts. The author tells us that for three years this material formed the basis of Bible Study meetings, and was the result of much careful and prayerful preparation. These meetings were small, and a larger reader- ship is now made possible. The style of the book is necessarily detailed, with many references to both Old and New Testaments. A general outline of the Gospel is given in the introduction. There is also a useful overall assessment of each chapter to introduce the commentary, and each separate section of the chapter is outlined clearly. The meticulous coverage of each verse is noteworthy and the individual interpretations of some of the parables, etc, reveal the author’s own personal approach to the exposition. Some of these are thought-provoking. As with his previous books, here is a hand-book for study rather than a book to read quickly.

It forms a useful contribution to the study of Luke’s portrait of Christ. Notably the author says as he introduces the book, “Alas the Christian church is divided: however the author has no particular group of Christians in mind. The only distinction made is between those that are “evangelical" and men of “non-evangelical" persuasion.” We commend the book to the Lord for the blessing of His people.


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