The Prophet Isaiah

The Prophet Isaiah, R. E. Harlow, 304 pp, £3.60 plus p&p. Everyday Publications Inc. Obtainable from Roy Wood, 38 Dovedale Road, Beacon Park Plymouth PL2 2RS

This is an attractive commentary, incorporating some most useful features in the exposition of Isaiah. There is an overall outline of the book which is clear and comprehensive. A short feature at the beginning suggests ways of studying the prophecy. The author makes clear his convictions concerning the inspiration and unity of the book-"66 chapters inspired by God and written by His servant Isaiah”. The verse by verse comments are concise and to the point with topical summaries and pithy comments. At the conclusion of the book there are useful indices. We commend this commentary as especially useful to young bible students, seeking to grasp the value of the prophecy as a whole. There is also much spiritual food for all.


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