Truth and Training from Titus – Stephen G. Baker

Paperback, 62 pages. Available from: Precious Seed Publications, 34 Metcalfe Avenue, Killamarsh, Sheffield, S21 1HW, UK. ISBN: 978-1-871642-94-0.

The substance of this book, which runs to sixty-two pages, first appeared as a series of ten articles in the Precious Seed magazine. The writer’s stated intention is to ‘look at each phrase and statement in the letter to glean a simple understanding of what Paul is writing to Titus about’.

Having established that purpose, Stephen Baker sets out, in his usual methodical way, to provide a detailed and practical commentary without technical language. Each of the three chapters are analyzed, expounded and summarized, with emphasis given to the many practical applications enjoined upon Titus, but having a clear voice to readers of the Epistle in every age.

Having undertaken to examine ‘each phrase’, there is no escape from dealing with the more difficult verses, and the writer, true to his brief, does not attempt to evade any part of the Epistle.

After explaining the opening verses, the instruction to Titus to ‘ordain elders in every city’ is dealt with in detail, with due emphasis given to the qualifications required. The balance of the chapter then shows the need for such leaders, as the ‘vain talkers and deceivers’ are exposed.

In Chapter 2, behaviour is in view for older ones, both male and female, younger believers and those who were servants. The heart of the Epistle’s teaching concludes the chapter, ‘denying ungodliness and worldly lusts, we should live soberly, righteously and godly, in this present world’.

Three alternative divisions are suggested for the third chapter, dealing with the principles of holy living and the importance of sound doctrine. The book concludes with a bullet point summary of the third chapter and commentary on the closing verses.

I rather think that both Paul and Titus would have approved of this work!


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