What God hath Joined

Edited by William Banks and Tom Wilson. Hardback, 140pp. Published by Gospel Tract Publications, 7 Beech Avenue, Glasgow, G41 5BY. Price £7.95. ISBN 0-948417-85-4

James Paterson, in his foreword to this book, puts its importance into context, ‘Divorce, and issues leading to divorce, have caused heartbreaks and affected many New Testament churches … never have local churches faced such marital difficulties as they do today’. It is for this reason that eight well-known and respected assembly teachers have contributed to this volume and sought to present the scriptural view of marriage and divorce. As one contributor puts it, ‘The answers will not be obtained from society … nor can decisions be based on human sentimentality or even sympathy for those involved … we must go to the Holy Scriptures, which are our only guide’.

The book contains chapters on such key passages as Romans 7, 1 Corinthians 7 and Ephesians 5 but deals extensively with all New Testament sections pertaining to the subject. The book clearly teaches that marriage is creational and not Christian and that marriage commences ‘at the point bride and bridegroom signify their acceptance of each other’. Whilst all might not agree with the stance taken by the contributors, for this reviewer the book is timely, thorough, and vital reading for those who seek spiritual guidance on a cancer that is destroying the fabric of society and that will impact on a growing number of assemblies.


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